Wheel Washing System to Clean the Vehicle Effectively

Construction industries manage all aspects in the construction. It involves the designs, process of construction, materials, and other kinds of supporting aspects. One of these supporting aspects is regarding the management and maintenance of the vehicles. Vehicles are important since there will be many of them. The trucks will be needed to move and transport the materials. There are also other vehicles for the workers and staff. These will keep moving from and to the construction sites. In this case, the nature of the construction sites may make the vehicles full of dirt and debris. Stones and other materials may stick to the wheels, and these may leave traces on the roads. Of course, the company needs to manage these well so there will be no problems or complaints from other people who also use the roads.

Wheel Washing Technology

It is surely necessary to clean the vehicles before leaving the sites. It is possible to clean them manually. However, these will not be effective. These take people to handle the cleaning jobs, and these may also waste much water for it. It is quite troublesome since it is not effective and efficient, and even it will make the costs higher for the energy or electricity. In this case, it is better to have wheel washing technology. The technology can run the washing process automatically without taking much manpower. Then, it is possible to manage the water and energy consumption. To make it more effective, MobyDick already develops good technology that give better improvement. This becomes the solution to manage the power consumption since the water output are managed well so it still can clean the vehicles and tires properly without taking much electricity to make it run.

Water Tank System

It is true that the water and power output is managed and calculated properly. The power output and water pressure are designed to give balance performance, and it will improve the effectiveness in cleaning the vehicles. Moreover, there is water tank system installed on the tire cleaning technology. This is attached and it is responsible to filter and keep the water so there will not be much water wasted. After the process, the water will be kept in the tank and it is filtered so the waste is filtered and separated from the water. Because of this, the water still can be used for cleaning the tires. These are surely effective way of wheel cleaning.